Services offered by Logistics and Administrative Management Service

  • Retrieval of Pieces of Evidence (for Research and K-9 Training Kits of OLEAs)
  • Request for Clandestine Laboratory Certification
  • Destruction of Dangerous Drugs/CPECs
  • Destruction of Expired Medicines
  • Retrieval of Pieces of Evidence (PDEA Chemist)
  • Turn-over of Pieces of Evidence (Regional Trial Court and OLEAs)
  • Conduct of Drug Test to Arrested Personalities
  • Conduct of Laboratory Examination (Releasing of Chemistry Reports – Qualitative Analysis of Samples)
  • Request for Profiling of Methamphetamine Hydrochloride
  • Request for Quantitative Examination of Dangerous Drugs or CPECs
  • Research in New Emerging Drug of Abused/New Psychoactive Substances (NPS)
  • Research Pertaining to Drugs or Chemicals Used as Alternative Materials for the Production of Illegal Drugs

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