DATE: October 22, 2021

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency presented 83 newly minted Intelligence Officers of DEOBC Class 2021-19 MARANGAL with their hard-earned PDEA Agent Badges during their graduation rites on October 22, 2021 at the Monochrome Events Place in Sta. Rosa, Laguna.

Class MARANGAL – which stands for ‘Matapat at Responsableng mga Ahente na Naglalayong Gampanan ang Tungkulin Laban sa Droga’ is the 19th class to graduate from PDEA’s grueling six-month Drug Enforcement Officer Basic Course or DEOBC, culminating with the awarding of the personal symbol of each Agent’s mandate: the gleaming gold PDEA Agent Badge, awarded by no less than the PDEA Director General, Undersecretary Wilkins M. Villanueva, and the PDEA Academy Superintendent, Director Lirio T. Ilao.

PDEA’s mission is unique and every Agent who graduated from the PDEA Academy in Silang, Cavite has one mandate alone: enforcing the anti-drug laws or the provisions of RA 9165, which is anything from supervising community intervention programs to raiding methamphetamine laboratories and going after heavily armed drug trafficking groups all over the country.

The demands of this profession necessitate a stringent selection process, and for six months the agent trainees must undergo courses about building drug cases - from intelligence gathering to litigation. In the event of a violent encounter, the PDEA agent must protect himself and the public, thus agent-trainees are also required to master a plethora of skills such as rifle and pistol marksmanship, unarmed combat, basic life support, and small unit tactics, to name a few.

Class MARANGAL went through an extended training course – one and a half months longer than previous classes.

“I need you to understand that DEOBC does not teach you everything, but the Academy has equipped you with what you need to begin your careers as PDEA Agents, as drug law enforcers. We have given you knowledge; time and experience will give you wisdom,” said PDEA Director General Wilkins M. Villanueva as Class MARANGAL stood in formation for the first time as PDEA Agents.

With the DEOBC successfully completed, the new Agents will now be deployed nationwide in various PDEA offices and operating units.


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