Please be guided with the detailed procedures of the respective HR related services, to wit

  1. Recruitment, Selection and Placement
  2. Resignation/Transfer of Service
  3. Request for Reassignment/Swapping
  4. Application for Landbank Loan
  5. Application for GSIS Loan
  6. Application for MBAI Loan
  7. Request for Travel Order
  8. Study Leave Application
  9. Maternity and Paternity Leave Applications
  10. Leave Application
  11. Leave Application (Magna Carta)
  12. Leave Application under Violence Against Women and their Children
  13. Rehabilitation Leave Application
  14. Application for Sick Leave (more than 30 days)
  15. Application for Travel Abroad

Human Resource Management Service Downloadable Forms 

  1. Application for Leave Form
  2. Conformity Slip for Reassignment
  3. Confidentiality Agreement (Note: This form shall be requested through Human Resource Management Service at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)
  4. Exit Interview for Resignation
  5. ID Application Form
  6. Landbank Form
  7. Personal Data Sheet
  8. Request for Admin File/ Document
  9. Sample Work Experience Sheet
  10. Voluntary Mutual Assistance Program (VMAP1) Membership Form and Authority to Deduct
  11. Voluntary Mutual Assistance Program (VMAP2) Application Form

 Human Resource Management Service Online Forms

1. HRMS Online Request Form for Personnel Records

2. Employment Verification Consent Form