DATE: March 13, 2021

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) today (March 13, 2021) started the training of the newly hired K9 Handlers Basic Course Class 2021-05, together with their partner Narcotics Detection Dogs (NDDs).

PDEA Director General Wilkins M Villanueva said that 42 aspiring K9 handlers and former 15 handlers whose NDDs have retired or died, along with the newly procured 66 drug-sniffing dogs, will undergo six-months of rigorous training at the PDEA K9 Headquarters in Sitio Lambakin, Barangay Sto. Cristo, City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

The remaining dogs that were left out without human handlers, will be used for breeding.

 “During the training, the 57 man-dog teams will be equipped with skills, knowledge and attitude needed in anti-drug operations such as non-intrusive inspection for border security, sweeping searches on baggage, cargoes and parcels, event monitoring, and in search and seizure operations in jails and custodial facilities,” Villanueva said.

The training includes familiarization with substances subject for detection, understanding of K9 behavior, dog’s drive development, substance printing, indication to improve the dog’s ability to distinguish scents of illegal drugs, and scent discrimination to develop the dog’s ability to differentiate odors of illicit substances.

 Upon graduation, the newly-trained K9 handlers and NDDs will be deployed to the different PDEA Regional Offices to strengthen their airport, seaport and maritime interdiction capabilities.

“Dogs, with their keen sense of smell, if properly trained and assisted by their handlers, will play a major role in our interdiction efforts. With them around, the accuracy rate of locating concealed illegal drugs is high,” Villanueva added.

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