DATE: February 16, 2021

The Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) envisions to have drug-resistant and self-policing communities by 2030 in its new strategic road map in addressing the country’s drug problem in the next ten years.

 In the “PDEA Strategic Direction 2021-2030”, the country’s lead anti-drug agency presented the organizational outcome, vision, mission, core values and the strategic perspectives and objectives in the pursuit of the agency’s goals. 

Since the agency aims to reduce drug affectation in the country in the next decade, it has updated its vision to “By 2030, we will have drug-resistant and self-policing communities”.

“The organizational outcome of PDEA is to reduced drug-affectation in the country, seeing to it that no illegal drugs can thrive in the barangays through vigilance and commitment in fighting the drug menace,” said PDEA Director General Wilkins M Villanueva.

To bring the vision to a reality, Villanueva said PDEA enacted a mission of championing the reduction of drug-affectation through the implementation of the Barangay Drug Clearing Program (BDCP) that integrates supply, demand and harm reduction strategies.

The BDCP is the main framework of the agency’s anti-drug strategy that embodies a holistic and whole-of-nation approach in addressing the drug problem by enlisting the participation of local government units (LGUs), government agencies, and various stakeholders of the national anti-drug campaign.

“Our core values guide our behaviors, decisions and actions to achieve our vision, accomplish our mission, and help inculcate a positive culture within the organization,” Villanueva added.

The agency’s core values typify the acronym of PDEA:

Professional – PDEA aim for the highest level of proficiency, competence                                                                                                                                                                                    and work ethics in the performance of our duties;

Dynamic – PDEA endeavor to be responsive with changing trends and needs;

 Excellence-Driven – PDEA strive for distinction and quality; and

 Accountable – PDEA commit to act with utmost integrity in the performance of its duties, take full responsibility for all its actions, and conduct itself in a manner worthy of respect, trust and confidence.

Among the strategic objectives of the agency is the effective and efficient delivery of citizen-focused services to ensure that barangays are drug-free, the public is safe from illegal drug activities and drug personalities, and provide accessible venues in reporting drug-related activities.

Aside from the continuous enforcement of the anti-drug law, PDEA also took the challenge to synchronize and progressively implement its anti-drug initiatives and quality management system to optimize customer satisfaction.

PDEA likewise advocates for the welfare and career growth of its personnel through the implementation of responsive human resource development programs, and maintains to adopt responsible management of resources, judicious utilization of budget and adequate allocation of resources.

 Villanueva urged all PDEA personnel to strive hard and continue working for what is right in the next ten years, saying, “Day in and day out, all PDEA agents and personnel need to be mindful of the new strategic map in the performance of our mandate, accomplishment of targets, and implementation of plans, programs and policies,” Villanueva said.

“They are also expected to act, think and live by these deeply-ingrained values as guiding principles in working for a drug-resistant country,” the PDEA chief said.

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