Buster is the official Mascot of the Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA).

Buster was originally conceptualized to appear as a character in the PDEA Drug Buster, the official news letter of the Agency, to serve as teaser to articles included in the issue to explain the featured topic in the regular comic strip.

The name “Buster” is extracted from the phrase “Drug Busters” that aptly describes the work of a drug enforcement officer.

Buster takes after the shape of the PDEA Badge. It symbolizes endurance to hardships.  The PDEA Badge is conferred only to qualified and deserving individuals who have completed the 6-month rigid training for PDEA drug enforcement officers.

Yellow-gold is the color of “Buster”.  As gold undergoes intense heat to achieve purity, in like manner, PDEA agent-trainees undergo intensive training to become PDEA agents.

The acronym – PDEA – on Buster’s forehead not only speaks of PDEA as an Agency.  It also describes the characteristics that a drug buster must possess, in accordance with the Agency’s core values: Professional, Dynamic, Excellence-Driven and Accountable.

The bright countenance of Buster suggests “warmth” and the sincere desire of PDEA to reach out to vulnerable groups while the replica of a Tavor slung around Buster represents the readiness of PDEA agents to act and protect the community from the evils of dangerous drugs.